Tuesday, July 2, 2024

What Do R2 Students Learn about the Constitution?

What do Richland 2 students learn about the U.S. Constitution?

It's too bad that school is not in session right now, so that they could study the SCOTUS ruling on Presidential immunity and learn why the Supreme Court ruled as it did.

The progressives are having a meltdown. Even Joe Biden doesn't understand or accept it, but perhaps we can cut him a little slack as "a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory."

Except that Joe was probably reading off notecards written by someone in the shadows.

If you believe in the U.S. Constitution, you know that the Supreme Court issued a correct ruling in the Presidential immunity case, as well as in Dobbs.

The Left and many Progressives hate it. Too bad, so sad.

Thursday, May 30, 2024

17-year-old arrested with stolen, automatic pistol

 Watch this interview with Sheriff Lott, when he talks about the shooting earlier this week at the pool at the Villages of Lakeshore. Two arrests have already been made.

Sheriff Lott stresses the importance of the partnership between the community, parents, schools, churches, etc. In the first video shown in the press conference, you can hear automatic fire; yes, true automatic fire. 

The sheriff showed a "Glock switch", an illegally-manufactured replacement part for a Glock pistol that allows the pistol to be fired on "automatic"; i.e., one trigger pull fires many bullets until the trigger is released or the magazine is empty.

Treshawn Keller, 17, has already been arrested and is being charged as an Adult. Deputies caught him after he ran from the area. They caught him with a stolen pistol.

Where is (was) he a student? Richland 2? Which school?

More arrests are expected.

Why did the Villages of Lakeshore allow large numbers of non-residents to gather at its pool?

We here at The Summit must be on the alert for gatherings of kids. If you spot a large group circling the pool or other amenities, notify the office AND call RCSD.

Lott advises parents to search the car, bedroom, backpack of their kids. Find the guns. 

Compare this presser with Sheriff Lott and the recent production of The Moore You Know, with Supt. Kim Moore and Marti Brown, a staff member at Westwood High School who is part of Be Smart. Which one do you think will be more effective at slowing or stopping gun violence?

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Patriotism in Richland 2

(not the table at Home Depot)

Yesterday morning (May 27, 2024 (Memorial Day, observed)) I was in the Home Depot store at Sandhills. 

As I entered, there was a table set up with one place-setting and a folded American Flag. I recognized its significance and paused to honor it. It's called the Missing Man Table.

This made me wonder how many people passing it did recognize it and what, if anything, is taught in Richland 2 schools about the importance of Memorial Day.

Honoring our Veterans (all of them) has declined in the past 50 years.

When I was 28, I learned what not to say about Memorial Day. I was in the life insurance business and had taken an client to an exam at a  doctor's office on the Friday before the Memorial Day week-end.

As we left the doctor's office, I said, "Have a nice week-end." That doctor's expression told me I had said something out-of-order, and I have thought about it every year since. 

Don't say "Happy Memorial Day" or "Have a nice week-end." It should be a somber time to think and to remember what the holiday is. It is to honor those who died in service, so that we can have the freedoms that we have. 

The Left would have us lose those freedoms. That is NOT going to happen.

Monday, May 27, 2024

Arizona Teacher Quits over cellphones

Here's another reason why teachers are quitting.

Read this article about the 11-year teacher in Arizona who quit after giving up on trying to break students' habits of addiction to their cell phones.

Mitchell Rutherford taught at Sahuaro High School in Tucson, Arizona. 

To me, an outsider, it looks like a simple task to prohibit the use of cellphones in the classroom. Obviously, it's not. Any teacher can tell you what happens when s/he tries to eliminate cell phone use in the classroom.

But should it be difficult? Not at all. Teachers have the backbone to do. My guess is that they are not backed up by department heads, assistant principals, principals, or District administrators, or even school boards.

What's like in RSD2? Will any teacher or administration have the courage to comment below?

Friday, May 10, 2024

DDid R2 approve it this way?

As you drive out of the center exit from R2i2, this is what you see.

Most likely, Richland 2 gave specifications to the driveway painting contractor and told him what to paint on the driveway and where to paint it.

Is this how it was given to the contractor?

Will it be corrected?

Saturday, May 4, 2024

"ClapperGate" - Calif. Supt. Fired

Read this story about the firing of a school district superintendent, Marian Kim Phelps, from her job at the Poway Unified School District in the San Diego area.

Phelps was fired Tuesday night, April 30, 2024. What's interesting is that the school district has not yet updated its internet message on Wikipedia, as of the morning of May 4, 2024. It still names Phelps as the superintendent.

"ClapperGate" resulted from Phelps' alleged activities after her daughter did not receive enough applause at a softball awards banquet last May (2023). 

This story reminded me of a night at a school board meeting at Richland 2 and shouted words in the board room, "I KNOW WHO YOU ARE. DON'T TALK TO ME. GET AWAY FROM ME." The then-school board failed to take any action against either the then-superintendent or his wife, a teacher in the Richland 2 system.

Saturday, April 27, 2024

Virginia School District sues parent

Be sure to read this article on WISTV.com about the school district in Virginia that is suing the parent of a special ed student.

I can sympathize with the parent.

From 1996-2009 I was an advocate for my stepson - from his Second Grade until he aged-out at 22. The Special Ed Department there hated me, because I would insist that they provide the accommodations to which they had agreed, in writing, in his IEPs.

I recall telling one of the male teachers after my stepson entered high school that I was glad I would finally be dealing with adults, meaning the teachers and spec ed staff. Boy! Was I wrong!

I remember the first IEP I attended, after his mother and I married. I paid his therapist and a professional Spec Ed advocate to be there with us. There were 11 (ELEVEN!) from the school district there, all jammed into the Principal's small conference room.

One of his teachers had told me in a parent conference something like, "Me and him went to the library." I should have challenged her but didn't. She even spoke the same error in the IEP! It's no wonder kids grow up with poorspoken language habits.

That IEP lasted three hours forty-five minutes - with no breaks! Toward the end the school district's attorney, who had tried to avoid introducing herself at the beginning of the meeting, offered us three choices and asked which we wanted. I said, "None." 

When I listed the three accommodations that we wanted (1. aide in the classroom; 2. in-school services (not bussed to a different school; and 3) I've forgotten the third), she agreed. That took five minutes!

It was over the years after that, that we couldn't get the District to provide the accommodations as written in the IEPs. The special ed staff would cry "Wolf", when I raised their failures, rather than admitting they just had not provided them.