Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Robert's Rules of Order

In a number of Regular Meetings of the school board, when the board returns from Executive Session, the Chair describes a vote in Executive Session to end it and return to open session.

NO votes are allowed in Executive Session, even if later disclosed. A vote to end Executive Session is not allowed and is not needed; they just stop talking and move back to the public setting and then they re-convene. They "re-convene" because they had to first convene in open session before they could go into Executive Session.

If any vote at the beginning of the re-convened session should be taken, it would be to re-convene. There is no need to describe returning from Executive Session or what transpired there, since they are precluded from talking about what happened in Executive Session.

Later in the Regular Meeting is an agenda item for voting on any matters from the Executive Session that need action.

This Board should hire the Robert's Rules of Order expert, Helen McFadden. She attended a board meeting several months ago, and interest was expressed by at least one board member that she be invited back.

Livestream Training Needed for Board

The Richland 2 School Board needs training in professional conduct at Livestream Board Meetings.

What's wrong?

One board member's little yapping dog barks.
Keep your hands out of your hair during meetings.
Position your camera so that it faces you directly at eye-level.
Don't fidget.
Keep your hands off the camera.
Present slides from a computer so that the wording can be read.
Train board members on background and lighting.

Board members dressed professionally in business attire for in-person board meetings. Is there any reason that has changed?

2020-2021 Budget Meeting

The Richland 2 School Board held a 20-minute special-called meeting today to discuss the 2020-2021 budget. The meeting was live-streamed.

It was shocking to see that there were only 11-13 people attending this meeting. The counter in the upper left never exceeded 13. Did that include seven on the board, plus Supt. Davis, Libby Roof, Harry Miley and the woman from his department, to whom Dr. Miley gave credit for the report? And me? And one more?

Or was the number (13) those who were attending (excluding the board and staff) and viewing the livestream meeting?

Where were all the teachers who ought to be concerned about whether they are going to get paid or have jobs?

Maybe they were still teaching at 5:00PM. Reports to me indicate that they are having very long days.

Where were the parents and taxpayers who ought to be wondering whether their taxes will be going up?

The District should email survey (SurveyMonkey.com?) after meetings and ask questions, such as:

Did you know about the meeting?
Did you attend the meeting?
Did you plan to attend the meeting but missed it?
Will you watch the replay on YouTube or Livestream?
What would help you attend future board meetings?
 - Email reminder?
- RoboCall?
Should the District create a Public Portal like the City of Columbia?
Should the rescind the suspension of Board Policy BEDH - Public Participation at Meetings?
On a scale of 1-5 (5 being High), how important do you feel your voice is to the School Board?

Electronic surveys are dirt-cheap. But does the Board really want to know what parents, taxpayers and voters think?