Monday, May 4, 2020

McKie Still Owes $51,750

According to the South Carolina Ethics Commission today, Trustee-elect Amelia McKie of the Richland 2 School Board still owes $51,750. (The term "Trustee-elect" is used, because McKie has never taken the oath of office legally and is, in my opinion, an illegitimate member of rhe board.)

Her debt was created by repeated failures to file required forms with the Ethics Commission over a period of four years.

The Commission held a hearing in 2018 and assessed fines. When she didn't pay the fines, penalties were added. When she didn't make any payments, the Ethics Commission filed a Judgment in Richland County Common Pleas Court in July 2019.

And still she hasn't paid.

The South Carolina Department of Revenue is responsible for collecting debts to the State. The DOR cites privacy rules in its refusal to disclose any collection action being taken.

According to the 4/3/2020 Debtors' List on the Ethics Commission's website, it is owed a total of $2,717,461.32. The largest debt is $212,746.60, and the date of the oldest debt is 2001.

How much longer will the Richland 2 School Board tolerate the presence of a person on the board who thumbs her nose at an Ethics Commission debt? If McKie assigned her whole $900/month school board income to this debt, she wouldn't even get it paid off before the end of her term in November 2022.