Sunday, September 12, 2021

Loudoun County Parents are SERIOUS

Have you been following the efforts of Loudoun County, Va. parents to stop Critical Race Theory in their schools? Their efforts include attention to recalling several school board members.

Could this happen here?

Read today's FoxNews article about a $500,000 ad campaign to expose the school board.

There is a Richland 2 school board meeting on Tuesday, September 14. Is the board doing what it can to reduce public presence by requiring masks, social distancing, and holding meetings in a small room? Does it welcome public attendance and attention? Or not?

Do parents stay home because of the small meeting room and the very short time the board is willing to listen to them? 

How can parents and community members know how much contact is aimed at the school board members? They never mention how many phone calls or emails they receive. One might think that the only members of the public who contact the board are the 4-5-6 brave people who show up at board meetings. 

The board room should be packed and SRO (and I don't mean School Resource Officers).

Which reminds me ... why is the District hiring THREE (3) RCSD deputies to attend board meetings? That started after three members of the public (and you know who they were) confronted Trustee Scott (Elkins) and provoked a reaction when the man shoved his cell phone in her face. You did watch the lobby video about that; right? She should have had him charged with Assault, but she took the high road.

Those three? Friends of which board members? That's clear, too.

So, Parents, it's YOUR school district. Start showing up and put a stop to the encroachment of Critical Race Theory in Richland 2. They won't call it that - by that name. That way, they can deny it when a Freedom of Information Act Request seeks information. But the elements of CRT are present.