Tuesday, August 23, 2022

McKie Ethics Debt - Still $57,100

Why hasn't Amelia McKie been paying off her $57,100 debt to the South Carolina Ethics Commission?

Does she think that "running out the clock" on her term-of-office will impact the debt?

According to the Ethics Commission, she still owes $57,100.

A judgment was filed in the Richland County Common Pleas Court on July 10, 2019. That's more than three years ago. The State's collection agent is the S.C. Department of Revenue (DOR). 

What grade has it earned for collecting this debt?    F

Why hasn't the DOR taken action? Hasn't there been ANY collection attempt? Hasn't it collected even $50 or $100?

Amelia appears to have money. She looks presentable at board meetings. Hair done. Clothing looks new. Jewelry in place.

When she doesn't look up during public participation, is she writing out her budget plan for paying off her ethics debt?