Saturday, January 21, 2023

Duties of an Interim Superintendent

What does an Interim Superintendent do?

It's a temporary position. Very temporary.

Nancy Gregory is the INTERIM Supt. She's not there to do anything but turn the lights on and off and try to keep RSD2 from running further off the rails, until the Board can hire a new full-time Supt. 

Does she have the skill set to run a business with $1 Billion in Assets and a $300,000,000 annual budget? 

Didn't Baron Davis create any management depth to the Administration? Every major position should have a back-up ready to go, in the event of a resignation, firing, retirement, disability, or death. 

In his side-gig, The Noegenesis Group, wouldn't he train businesses to do that? Did he do it in the business that paid him more than $240,000, while he maintained several outside income streams?

His 2022 Statement of Economic Interests, available at, discloses his $241,191 income from Richland 2 in 2021, plus his $18,000 car allowance. The value of perks, such as life, health and disability insurance, expense account, and retirement plan contributions, are not disclosed. And it reveals his side jobs:

The Noegenesis Group (his own private consulting business), which 14 months ago could be found at;

University of the Cumberlands;

University of South Carolina ($14,000).