Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Will it come to this?

When more and more parents start questioning Richland 2 about Critical Race Theory (CRT), will it come to this?

A mother of a kindergarten student in Rhode Island worries that she might be sued by a school committee. Huh? by a school "committee"? She is asking a lot of questions about CRT, and the school district told her to use FOIA for her questions.

According to this article, the principal told her they don't refer to "kids as boys and girls." Well, what do they call them? Is this stupid, or is this stupid?

How much simpler it would have been if they had just answered the questions. Of course, they did not want to answer her questions. She was pinning them down on something on which they did not want to be pinned down.

Three cheers to mom Nicole Solas. (FoxNews ducked on naming her town, the school, the school district or the principal. Chickens!)

CRT? Seriously?

So you think you know all about Critical Race Theory (CRT)?

Check out this video by a black man and his daughter!

Video of the Year?  First Prize!!!

Many states are acting now to ban CRT.

Start asking questions now about which Richland 2 school board members support CRT. And which administrators support CRT.

When you have answers, post them in the Comments below.

And here's another blast at CRT. 

A Colorado mom and radio show host takes off on CRT and tells a school board that "...the training (is) a “nightmare” that needs to “end now.” She's talking about the "training" (read: indoctrination) being foisted on the district by a "diversity consulting firm".

Richland 2 has used a training by USC profession Gloria Boutte. You should learn more about that. It promotes use of "cohorts" (a $100 word for something else). Perhaps a Richland 2 teacher could enlighten me on exactly what a "cohort" is or does. 

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