Thursday, December 1, 2022

Inspector General's Report - Now what?

The South Carolina State Inspector General released his report on Richland 2 early in November. My first story was on November 3rd. (Go to and search for "Inspector General". The Report is not among results.)

OK, now what? 

Will Richland 2 just sweep it under the rug? Just file it under Miscellaneous?

At the November 29th board meeting I asked the Board to appoint a committee to examine the Report and make recommendations for action. And there is a LOT of action that should take place. One board member could be the liaison with the board, and the committee could include parents, community members, teachers and staff (if they are brave enough), and other interested parties.

Have you read the Report? 

Read it now (or again). Go directly to it by clicking here.

If you believe the School Board should take action on this Report, email them now. Their email addresses can be found here:

Click on a Trustee's name for the next webpage, which shows the email address and phone number.