Wednesday, August 31, 2022

WIS-TV on R2 meal mess

WIS-TV weighed in on Richland Two's meal debt mess on August 29th. Read it here.

Supt. Davis told WIS-TV: "Students were not, and will not be, denied food, regardless of their debt status."

In other words, free meals for all. Just start running up your debt, kiddo.

Wrong! Those that can pay, should pay. If they spend their lunch money elsewhere (at the Apple Store (and I don't mean on apples), at Chick-fil-A, at McDonald's, at GameStop), they don't get lunch.

Those that can't pay need to fill out the forms for free or reduced-price meals. Otherwise, they pay or they don't eat.

Kids (and parents) learn today that they don't have to follow the rules. Just ignore them; you'll get food, anyway.

What are they learning about budgeting and responsibility in Richland Two schools? Nothing!

Gun Safety at Richland 2. What's Next?

Is anything happening with gun safety at Richland 2?

Earlier this year the school board created a Committee of the Whole for Safety & Security. If you didn't show up at any meetings, it's hard to know what is going on. There don't seem to be any Minutes of meetings that are available for public viewing. One meeting was livestreamed (at the last minute). 

Trustee Monica Scott is the chairperson of the Committee.

The Committee had several meetings, and then ...  nothing. Was the last meeting on June 14, 2022?

Why weren't there any meetings in July or August? When will the next meeting be?

Richland One just had another gun incident, when a 17-year-old was arrested today at C.A. Johnson High School, 2219 Barhamville Road. A pistol was in his book bag. See this article in The State newspaper for details.

The City of Columbia is looking into how to slow down gun violence. Mayor Rickenmann announced that the City Council is exploring the creation of a new department.

From The State newspaper, "Columbia Mayor Daniel Rickenmann is hoping his colleagues on council will approve spending $803,000 on a new four-person office of gun violence prevention that he hopes will cut shootings in half over the next three years."  

But what about Richland Two's efforts? 

As long as only the District personnel are involved, nothing new will happen. They should have been already working hard on the problem and solutions. New creative ideas and action are needed.

Here's a novel idea: Make a list of all the kids who are likely to bring guns or other weapons to school. Make a list of all the kids who are being bullied and who might react one of these days. Then work those lists.

The first claim will be Profiling.

Well, do you want to stop the problem or not?