Monday, May 29, 2023

14 y/o with gun shot

WLTX reports today that 14-year-old Cyrus Carmack-Belton died after being shot. The article says he was a Summit Parkway Middle School student.

Sheriff Lott announced that a convenience store owner has been charged with murder.

It was just last Monday that Richland Two's Board Safety Committee sponsored a Summer Safety meeting. And BeSmart is supposed to be ending gun violence.

A summary of the article.

The store owner thought the kid was shop-lifting. An argument followed in the store. The kid ran off. The store owner and the owner's son chased him. The kid fell down, got up, and continued running. The owner's son told his dad that the kid had a gun. The store owner shot the kid, hitting him in the back.

Sheriff's investigators found a gun near the kid's body.

Last week I admonished students' preparing for the summer, "Don't do stupid stuff."

The convenience store is at Parklane Road and Springtree Drive. That is eight miles from the school. Did the kid live near the Shell convenience store? Is that why he was in there about 8:00PM yesterday (Sunday)?

There are holes in the story in the paper. Did the kid point the gun back over his shoulder as he ran from the owner?

OK, so the owner shouldn't have chased him, once he left the store without merchandise that had not been paid for. 

The article says that Richland 2 issued a statement, saying, "The Richland 2 family is devastated ..." and "....students, teachers and school staff are grieving ..." 

Not true. Few even know about it yet.

Sheriff Lott says, "People [sic] pray for this family."

Right, people. Pray that families will teach their kids not to do stupid stuff!