Thursday, June 8, 2023

The Clock Is Ticking

The next Superintendent for Richland Two is supposed to start on July 3, 2023, according to the search timeline. Today is June 8th. That's 3½ weeks from now.

Is anyone getting nervous yet?

The Board hasn't even received the list of candidates yet!

On Monday, June 12th, the search firm is supposed to present its list of candidates, and the Board is supposed to select the finalists. Somebody, explain that to me! How will this board possibly choose a number of finalists from the candidates in one session on June 12. Seriously?

The Search Timeline can be viewed here.

June 20-22. Interviews with the Board and with "Stakeholder Groups". Stakeholder groups? Who? Why? Who came up with that idea???

On June 23 the Board is to select the finalist and offer the job. Tell me, how will they possibly do that? Will they care at all about feedback from the Stakeholder Groups?

The timeline says the Board will announce the new Superintendent on June 27, the last board meeting of the School Year. That means that the selected candidate will be expected to make an immediate decision. What about time to negotiate the terms of his/her contract?

And s/he (dare I say "it"; will the board go for a non-binary (breathing person?)) is expected to start on July 3rd. 

I ask again, Is anyone getting nervous yet?

Board Policy BC - Conduct - 6/13/23 Agenda

On the agenda for the June 13, 2023 board meeting is Item 9.1 - Board Member Conduct.

Why in the world is this school board wasting valuable time on that? Aren't they grown-ups? Can't they be polite and professional and speak nicely to one another? I guess not. But just having a revised Policy won't do much to improve relations between the board members.

First, read the current Board Policy BC. Go to the District's website; then click on EXPLORE; then School Board; then BOARD POLICIES; then (on the left side) B - SCHOOL BOARD GOVERNANCE AND OPERATIONS; then Policy BD Board Member Conduct. Read the existing policy.

Then read the proposed revisions to BC. This link will take you directly to it. Or click on the attachment with the June 13th agenda. The underlined words/sentences are what is proposed to be added!

The I.G. may have expressed some concerns in his Report. However, this revision is over-kill. The board ought to be making things simpler, not more complicated. First, I wonder who wrote it? Did it come from Deputy Supt. Franklin or from Karla Hawkins, the Legal person on Richland 2's staff? Where did she get her guidance? How much time went into the draft of the proposed revision?

And why now? There is nothing more important right now than hiring a new superintendent - which leads me to my next blogpost.