Saturday, September 26, 2020

Learn about your candidates

Do you want to learn more about the candidates for the Richland 2 School Board?

The 2020 election is important, because it is an opportunity for voters to put fresh faces on the board. Hopefully, people with business, management and executive experience.

The 2022 race will be even more important, because four seats will be open. At least three current board members should be replaced then.

To see a video-recording of the two-night panel and Q&A with eight of the ten candidates, go to the Facebook page of Gretchen Barron.

VOTE411 Voter Guide appears to be a good place to read the submitted answers by candidates to four questions pertaining to Richland 2 schools. The website does not identify any person or organization behind it. 

The League of Women Voters may be behind the VOTE411 Voter Guide. On the League's website is an image for VOTE411.ORG. I don't know why it doesn't identify itself on the Voter Guide website. 

The League office in Columbia doesn't return phone calls. I left a message that I'd like to suggest a question for any candidate forum that they sponsor. 

If you know of additional sites for voter information in this race, please post them in the Comment section below.

Oct. 20 6:00PM the League and the Richland 2 Teachers Forum will host a candidates' forum at R2i2. Watch for a possible location change. The forum could be changed to virtual.

If a candidate sends me promotional information or I stumble across it, I'll publish it. 

Maryann Wright, Candidate:

"Until It's Safe" means Never

How many times during school board meetings recently have you heard "until it's safe"?

Administration and the Board don't want to re-open schools because it's not safe.

Is it safe to get out of bed in the morning? Safe to step out of the house? To wait at the bus stop? To ride a school bus? You know, no seat belts. No shoulder harness. No airbags. No drug-testing of the drivers every morning. No checking of the driver's checklist to be sure the bus is safe.

Watch this Fireside Chat with Dennis Prager.  I credit Mr. Prager for that line - 

"Until It's Safe Means Never"