Monday, June 27, 2022

Actual Scholarships or Offered?


At a recent board meeting an announcement was made of scholarships received by Richland 2 graduating seniors.

On the District's website there is now the above banner.

As soon as I saw it, I wondered whether it was correct.

When I clicked on VIEW ALL NEWS, I read the June 3, 2022 news article titled "SENIORS TO GRADUATE WITH MILLIONS IN COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP OFFERS"

The article has the same $157,957,278 amount.

OK, which is it? Scholarships or Scholarship Offers? Did the District exaggerate (in the banner) the amount of scholarship dollars actually received by Richland 2 students?

One example from the article is this: "Blythewood High School: $37,427,975 earned by 432 graduates"  The average is $86,638. If these are actual scholarshiops awarded, it seems high to me.

Blythewood High School: $37,427,975 earned by 432 graduates
Richland Northeast High School: $21,443,739 earned by 276 graduates
Ridge View High School: $27,616,089 earned by 373 graduates
Spring Valley High School: $38,757,275 earned by 464 graduates
Westwood High School: $27,712,200 earned by 344 graduates

The total scholarship offers for the five high schools are $152,957,278 (rather than the $157,957,278 in the article). That's an average of $80,972. 

That's an even $5,000,000 difference. There must be an arithmetic error or an entry error somewhere.

I emailed Supt. Davis today for clarification as to actual or offered.