Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Today's fight at Ridge View H.S.

Media are reporting a fight today at Ridge View High School (RVHS) that including stabbing of two students. The suspect, a 17-year-old high school student, fled and was later apprehended by RCSD.

Congratulations to the deputies for locating him quickly and grabbing him.

What's it going to take to put a stop to this nonsense? Does the Principal at RVHS have control?

Does she have a long list of students who are trouble-makers and who are likely to get in fights? Or who are bullies? Or who are using or selling drugs? Or is such a list against the DEI baloney so prevalent in Richland 2?

When she says, "Jump!", do the students ask "How high?" Or do they flip her off and keep doing what they are doing?

Do the administrators or teachers have any control?

Are the inmates running the asylum?

It is the mind-set that has to change. Then metal detectors won't be needed. SROs won't be needed.

Media reports indicate the kid will be charged as an adult. Then we should see his name and photo in the news.