Wednesday, August 23, 2023

One speaker on Release Time 8/22/2023

This speaker from last night's (August 22, 2023) school board meeting addressed the "Release Time for Religious Instruction" topic that was on the agenda.

When Chair Joe Trapp introduced him, his name sounded like Bernett Galman. If somebody will let me know the correct name, if this isn't it, I'll correct it.

His remarks can be heard on the YouTube recording of the meeting at 45:55

You can go straight to his comments by clicking on this link. Then click the Play arrow at the bottom left.

Among other words he used: "imperialist attempt by fundamental Christian nationalist activists"; scorn; disrespect; kidnapping of slaves and ancestors; "racism is common in many Christian churches"; atrocities; indoctrination; overdose of religion; create religious state; misogynistic, racist, toxic, patriarchal values; Handmaiden series; disparity of black people; blatant hypocrisy ...

Do you think he had any understanding of the proposal being considered by the board?