Friday, May 8, 2020

Richland 2 H.S. Graduation Schedule

From Richland 2 School District:

"High school graduation is an exciting and important time in the lives of our Richland Two families. The district will hold graduation ceremonies for the Class of 2020 on June 1-5 at Harry Parone Stadium, located on the campus of Spring Valley High School at 120 Sparkleberry Lane.

Ceremonies will begin at 8 a.m. each day. The schedule is as follows:
·         June 1: Spring Valley
·         June 2: Richland Northeast
·         June 3: Blythewood
·         June 4: Westwood
·         June 5: Ridge View

Social distancing practices will be observed, and each graduate will be permitted two guests. Graduation ceremonies will again be streamed live online. More specifics will be shared with seniors and parents by each school as details are confirmed.

It’s more than fair to say that 2020 has posed significant challenges to this school year, especially for seniors. The global health pandemic caused by COVID-19 prompted the Colonial Life Arena, where the district has held graduation in recent years, to cancel all events through July 31. In April, the district assembled a task force to come up with multiple viable options for graduation ceremonies observing social distancing as well as alternatives to a traditional ceremony. Representatives from each high school including students as well as district administrators served on the task force.

Richland Two Superintendent Dr. Baron R. Davis said, “I want to thank the task force for the hard work they have put in to make graduations possible for our seniors. They did a phenomenal job examining all the possibilities and providing a solid recommendation for a meaningful and safe way to honor our seniors.

“As we finalize the logistics for the ceremonies, our focus remains on the safety and welfare of those who will attend. These graduation ceremonies will look very different from those in the past but they will certainly reflect the resiliency of the Class of 2020 and provide a meaningful tribute to our seniors.”

Only invited guests of each senior will be permitted to attend these ceremonies. Each graduation will be streamed live on the Richland Two website at"

School Board Changes Meeting Time - May 12

The agenda for the May 12th Regular Meeting of the School Board has been published on the District's website. Go to
Click on EXPLORE
Click on School Board
Click on AGENDA
Click on the calendar icon under Meetings
     NOTE: the new starting times
Click on View the Agenda

The Regular meeting will be called to order this week at 4:30PM.
The Board will immediately go into Executive Session.
The Board will re-convene in open session at 5:00PM.

This represents a 1½-hour advance in the meeting times.

The Board will not meet in public on May 12, although it could. It will meet on the Zoom video-conference platform. The agenda contains NO link to that Zoom meeting. (See below for the link.)

Now, why is the meeting so early?

At the April 28 Regular Meeting the Board blindly followed the Board Chair and the superintendent off the cliff, after the Chair and the superintendent placed an item on the agenda for a first-reading vote that would give authority to the Chair and superintendent to change the time of a Regular Meeting during a "state of emergency".

If you want to try to understand the reasoning that was given in response to questions and comments by two Board members, I invite you to watch/listen to the April 28 board meeting. The explanation made no sense at all to me. The other four board members, who normally roll over for anything the superintendent wants, just sat there like bumps on a log.

When it was time to vote, the vote was, unsurprisingly, 5-2.

The Zoom meeting may be available at

Merely announcing "Zoom" on the agenda is insufficient notice to the public when to find and view the public meeting. You'd think by now the District would have figured out how to comply with South Carolina FOIA and Open Meetings requirements regarding public meetings!

On the agenda for a first-reading vote is a move that will result in Joseph Keels Elementary School's becoming a Magnet School. In the past, proposed actions have been submitted for a first reading and then followed with a vote on the proposal at a second board meeting, often two weeks later. The Chair and the superintendent have started a trend now to jam votes into the first reading, before trustees have time and resources to study and consider a matter.

On this issue, the vote should be postponed; if it isn't postponed, then the vote should be "No", so that the trustees have adequate time to do their due diligences. They are, after all, fiduciaries of the School District and are expected to make responsible decisions.