Saturday, June 3, 2023

Summit Parkway M.S. website

This morning turned out to be a good time to check the website for the Summit Parkway Middle School. Teachers and staff have been in the news this week.

So, what did I find on the school's website?

SUMMIT UP NEWS - where Eagles soar

The page is 18 months out-of-date!

to stay safe and be successful, 

     - wear face mask while on campus

Upcoming Events

     - these are December 2021 events

EARLY DISSMISAL........  Seriously? Somebody needs to go back to school and repeat Third Grade.

(I was reminded of a temporary sign on the front lawn of a high school in Illinois back in about 2012: "KNOLWEDGE IS POWER")

APM Food Truck Festival - Saturday, December 11. That was in 2021.

Maybe the person managing the SUMMIT UP NEWS went home sick and never came back.