Friday, April 15, 2022

ESG and your Real credit worthiness


Consider this. You work hard, build a business, do things well, serve the public, borrow money, pay it back; pay your bills on time.

You ought to have good credit; right? You should be able to borrow money at a bank - at a fair interest rate; right?

Then along comes ESG. You've heard of the Cancel Culture; right? Have you heard of ESG?

Read this week's issue of The Nerve, published by the South Carolina Policy Council. In particular, read the article titled "Officials warn ESG movement heading to SC amid ‘woke’ power play".

What is ESG? Environment, Social, Governance

If your "scores" on ESG aren't high enough, your woke bank might just make your life miserable. 

The article is a worthwhile read. The Policy Council is worthy of financial support.