Thursday, August 18, 2022

And 8/9/22 Convocation STILL Locked

Hope is on the way. Maybe. The Richland 2 Ombudsman has replied that all my inquiries about the locked August 9th Convocation have been consolidated and "... Libby Roof, the Senior Chief Communications Officer, (has been asked) to respond. She has indicated that she hopes to be able to respond to you by Friday of this week."

Now, isn't that a great customer-centric response?

Ombudsman, in Richland 2 language, is a traffic cop, not a problem solver. That's by design, of course. She has no authority to investigate and correct maladministration. Do you think she can go into Baron's office and say, "Listen, boss. Philpott is right. The best thing would be to just remove the password-protection lock from the Convocation file on Livestream."

Where would she like to work next? How would she get a job without a good recommendation?

The convocation recording never should have been locked in the first place. On Tuesday, August 9th, Libby Roof could have, and should have, removed the password lock. Of course, she wouldn't dare. 

Just exactly why did Baron Davis want his comments kept private? And why did Board Chair Jams Manning blink, when asked to help?

File your complaints with the Office of the State Inspector General, folks. Send them to  Include whether you agree to waive confidentiality. Or use the webform at