Friday, August 19, 2022

Advertising the brand - $175,000?


How much did Richland 2 spend on billboard advertising earlier this year to promote its "brand"?

A Facebook comment today caused me to think that Richland 2 forked out $175,000.


Did they spend taxpayer cash or was some portion comped by Lamar, the billboard advertising company?

2022 Convocation Released

Finally. The August 9th Convocation has been unlocked. See it (part of it) on YouTube at

NOTE: The Superintendent's remarks cannot be viewed on There is no re-direction there to YouTube.

According to the District today, "Due to a technical problem, the Livestream site did not record the event but we started a backup recording a few minutes after the convocation had started."

Sometimes, those "technical problems" are called operator error. 

The Livestream message on the District's website indicates the convocation started at 8:30AM and ended at 10:00AM. That's 90 minutes.

The recording that is available on YouTube now is 12:37 minutes in length. What are we missing?

But you'll clearly hear the superintendent say public education and Richland 2 are under attack. I'll say that he considers any remarks opposing his position on anything as an "attack". That's the Left's response to suggestions, requests, complaints. "You're attacking...." 

The superintendent asked each to assess how he did in these areas:

I'd like to see the board's grades on those items. Three of them earned grades of A. Three of them got Fs. 

Many thanks to those who sent me the YouTube link.

The real reason?

What is the real reason that Baron Davis won't OK removing the password-protection lock on his August 9th Convocation remarks?

His speech on that morning was to staff, and apparently he must have said some things he doesn't want parents and the public to know. The recording of those comments is at, but it is password-protected, which means we/you cannot see or hear it.

If you feel that keeping it locked for ten days (or at all) is improper, please send an email to

My FOIA Request for those remarks was dated August 11, 2022, and the clock is ticking.