Monday, October 25, 2021

Draconian "security procedures"

Be sure to read the new draconian so-called "security procedures" on the District's website accompanying the announcement of the October 26th board meeting.

These were never publicly discussed at a board meeting or approved by the board. They were instituted by the superintendent on claim of authority as the Superintendent, although his name does not appear as the person responsible for them.

They obviously were not approved by the District's General Counsel. Surely she would have recognized and advised against infringing on the Constitutional rights of the public.

They lead off with "Members of the community may notice several new safety procedures at the meeting."

"... may notice ..."  Gee, ya' think?

I urge those three trustees who actually think the "community" is important to consider this step when the meeting first opens at 5:30PM. Before entering public session, make a motion to suspend immediately the "new safety procedures" until there is board review and approval.

I am not opposed to the entire new procedures; for example, this part is okay with me: "In order to allow for ... a safe distance between the public and the board ..."

The public needs adequate distancing from the board chair. She refuses to wear a mask and often removes her face shield during the meeting, and not just for speaking. Her breath may contaminate the air near the legal trustees near whom she sits and the public who sit in front of her. She may accidentally spit while speaking. When she exhales, which she occasionally seems to do, her breath may carry germs and viruses into the room.

The public needs and deserves this protection from her. Also, she might lose her death grip on the gavel and send it flying into the audience, where it could cause severe injury to an eye or teeth. Perhaps I really shouldn't sit in the front row.

As it stands now, only 20 members of the public will be admitted tomorrow night. Will the superintendent or "The Four" invite their "friends" (any "paid actors" among them?) to attend (for the first time) and claim the 20 available seats?

The superintendent and anyone who conspired with him to cough up these dumb procedures should be publicly identified and accept responsibility for drafting and implementing them. Tell us how much you really care for the public.

How many of the board members knew what was coming before last Friday at 4:35PM, when the press release went out? Did Teresa Holmes know about the announcement? Manning? McKie? Caution-Parker?

Why did the District pick 4:35PM on a Friday to send it out?