Friday, March 26, 2021

Get Hired?

Looking for a temporary job? One of this blog's readers sent this to me. Hit this barcode and see what happens.

Whaddya think? Would they hire me?

I was reminded of a temp job I had in Richmond, Va. I wanted another couple of bucks an hour, so I sent what I used for a resume to a different agency.

The manager called and asked if I were a job-hopper, because I hadn't listed dates for the few past jobs I had put on it. I told her I was looking for temporary work and that, if she gave me a job, I would guarantee not to hop before I finished it.

Then she said that she couldn't tell how old I was because I hadn't listed the year of my graduation from college. I immediately asked if the concept of age discrimination had reached Richmond yet.

Then she said, "You know? They want a woman for this job, anyway.

You can guess what I said, but here it is. "Has the concept of sex discrimination reached Richmond, Va. yet?

There was a long silence.

Then I said, "It's a good thing I'm not recording this conversation. I wouldn't have to work for five years!" She gave me a great assignment the next week, and I finished it. And then moved away from Richmond.