Saturday, March 13, 2021

Kids heading for college?

Parents, if you have kids heading for college, get ready to have "the talk" with them. No, I don't mean the talk about keeping your hands on the steering wheel when a cop stops you and not making any furtive moves.

I mean the talk about what happens behind closed doors in those co-ed college dorms.

Read the story following this headline: "Biden Prepares to Strip College Students of Due Process Rights".

Published on the daily email message of The Heritage Foundation, a respected conservative organization, that article is here.

Is Due Process important? Of course, it is. And it's the law.

During the last week The State newspaper has reported on a college student who was accused of raping a female student with whom he had previously had sexual relations. The school found him, in effect, not guilty. After the appeal period passed, the girl raised her complaint again. With no new evidence, the boy was found guilty. He is fighting that. Was that fair? Can you just whine until you win?