Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Three Finalists Announced

Richland Two has announced three finalists for the position of Superintendent.

Read all about it on the District's website. Or click here.

I.G. Committee should finish its work

At the June 13, 2023 school board meeting a trustee asked about the I.G. Recommendations Committee meetings and when the next meeting would be.

I think it was Niki Porter, member of the I.G. Recommendations Committee, who said it would be after the new superintendent starts.

When were the past meetings? Jan.18, Feb. 21, Mar. 21. None in April. None in May. None in June.

On May 19 the committee published a summary of actions completed by the District and claims 70% of the I.G. recommendations have been completed.

Now, what's the deal about waiting for the new superintendent? The I.G.'s Report came out in October 2022 and was based on the District then and the old board.

Why not finish cleaning up the mess, and let the superintendent start with a clean slate? Why burden the new superintendent with straightening out something of which he'll have no knowledge?

Passing the buck is a cop-out. The District, the board, and the committee have had seven months. As with most projects, the final part can be the most difficult. 

So complete it!

[Edited 6/14/2023]