Friday, June 25, 2021

June 29th Board Meeting - special hours

The June 29th school board meeting will convene at 4:30PM*, according to the notes with the published Agenda. This is an hour earlier than normal. See the Agenda for items to be discussed out of public hearing. A longer-than-usual Executive Session is planned. 

At 6:00PM the Regular Meeting will re-convene. 

However, an email to media indicated that the board meeting will start at 5:30PM, with the budget hearing and Regular Meeting at 6:00PM, after the Executive Session.

* NOTE: Check on the District's website for any correction to the starting time.

EDIT at 6:28PM 

An amended announcement was mailed out by Richland 2 that the correct starting time of the board meeting is 4:30PM.

At 10:39AM the District sent out it first announcement to media, with the starting time as 5:30PM.

At 10:51AM I emailed the District to ask the correct starting time; 4:30PM or 5:30PM. 

At 11:10AM the District issued a correction of the starting time to 4:30PM.

Still waiting for the District to say "Thanks".