Saturday, August 1, 2020

Taking a knee?

When the school year starts in Richland 2, does the day start with the Pledge of Allegiance? Is the National Anthem played?

Obviously, I've not been in a school at the beginning of the day for years. So what's the day like now? 

Wait, I was in Spring Valley High School about three years ago for an IEP, when the school was trying, for the fourth time, to expel a student. And then soon after, when the school tried again to expel him.

At the second hearing (the fifth attempt), the R2 director of special ed told the hearing group that they couldn't do what they were trying to do. Why had they kept trying? Because the student and his parents did not have a Special Ed advocate with them. But that's another story.

Board Policy IMB School Ceremonies and Observations states "State law requires that all students say the pledge of allegiance at a specific tmie during each school day. Each school will designate this time." 

So, if that is the state law, why does the policy go on to say that "any person" who doesn't wish to say the pledge doesn't have to participate and can remain in his/her seat, without penalty for failing to participate?

When sports resume in Richland 2 and teams take the field, is the National Anthem played? 

Will all the players remain on their feet? Hats, caps, helmets off? Standing erect, not slouched? Hands over their hearts?

Will the School Board lead the District and direct the superintendent to instruct the principals and sports coaches to warn the players against "taking a knee"?

Any kid that takes a knee should be immediately expelled.

He is fully entitled to express a personal opinion and disrespect OFF the playing field.

Now that Board Policy BEDH has been reinstated, I shall email the Board Chair, Superintendent and Board and ask them to adopt a policy that the U.S. Flag and the National Anthem will not be disrespected by any student taking a knee during the Pledge of Allegiance or the playing of the National Anthem. 

Will you support this?