Saturday, January 8, 2022

Board Minutes omitted from 1/11/2022 Agenda

On every agenda for a school board meeting is an item in the Consent Agenda to approve the Minutes of a previous meeting.

On every agenda except the January 11th Agenda, that is.

Let me quickly add that I believe it was an oversight of the District employee who prepares the Agenda. An item on her checklist should be "Have Minutes been attached?"

I'm a great fan of checklists. They keep you from forgetting important items. When I was flying, the pilot's checklist had an item "Put Landing Gear Down." 

When you are landing a plane, you don't have to put the landing gear down. The plane will land, if you don't put the gear down. The airport people don't like the skid marks on the runway, and it takes a lot of power to taxi to the terminal!

Why are the Minutes of the December 14, 2021 board meeting important? That was the meeting at which Trustee McFadden remarked that she has been ex-communicated from speaking with the Superintendent, had received some type of "order of confidentiality" and wondered whether she might need to confer with a private attorney.

All that should be in the Minutes.

If it's not there, a trustee should make a Motion on Tuesday night to amend the Minutes. That'll be a secondary motion that Teresa Holmes has such a hard time handling. The Core Four will vote it down, although they shouldn't. At least, it will be on the record.

Watch for a revised Agenda on Monday before 5:30PM. That's tje magic hour. After 5:30PM the agenda cannot be changed. Revised Agendas should be so noted, including the date and time of the revision. But that is not how District 2 notates them.