Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Lawsuit against Richland 2 by stabbing victim

On April 28, 2023 the Post and Courier newspaper reported that on the previous day, April 27, attorney John Mobley had filed a lawsuit against Richland School District Two for failing to provide safe spaces for students.

The lawsuit pertains to a stabbing of a 16-year-old Ridge View High School student on April 25th. The article says that Abrams assaulted the same victim with brass knuckles on the previous day (April 24) and stole jewelry from the victim.

Did the victim report that assault and theft? Why was Abrams in school on the following day, April 25?

The parents of the victim are also suing the mother of Tony Abrams, who is accused of stabbing the un-named victim.

An interesting fact is that the lawsuit against Richland 2 cannot be found * on the Public Index of the Richland County Fifth Judicial District. 

The Court Clerk can find no record of the lawsuit, and Attorney Mobley did not respond to an email last month, requesting the Case Number.

It is unclear if these are separate lawsuits. 

* [Edited: Case No. 2023CP4002181 was filed by Attorney Mobley against Richland County School District Two. No wonder the Court personnel could not find it!]

Superintendent Selection - Status?

The superintendent-search firm, based in Omaha, should now be sorting through the applicants and preparing its recommendations to the Richland 2 board. Actually, they should have been sorting through the applications and ranking them as they came in?

The closing date for applications was May 31. On June 12th McPherson & Jacobson is to present its candidates and the board is to select Finalists.

So here is something I am not understanding. It takes "Mac & Jake" from June 1-11 to pick through the applications, and the Board is supposed to pick Finalists in one meeting (June 12)?

Finalist interviews are to be held June 20-22.

Board will choose to whom to offer the position on June 23.

Board will announce the new Superintendent on June 27. Will this mean they will offer the position only to someone who is unemployed? 

What could possibly go wrong with this Timeline? (See the full timeline on www.Richland2.org)

Where is the adequate period of time for negotiating the deal with the new candidate?

What if the #1 candidate delays or doesn't accept?

Why did the Board lose three months (February, March, April)? Why didn't it start immediately on January 18th? (Too late for that answer!)