Wednesday, November 22, 2023

This Book Ought to Scare You

This week I began reading The Marxification of Education: Paulo Freire's Critical Marxism and the Theft of Education, by James Lindsay. If you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can read it for free.

The Richland Library doesn't carry it. No surprise there.

Read the description of the book on Amazon here.

Students are learning how to be activists but they are failing at reading, writing and arithmetic. 

Richland 2 is heavy into SEL, CRT, Cultural Relevancy Pedagogy. What are students learning about history, truth, values?

At one of the first school board meetings I attended, there was a large group of people who wanted Restorative Justice. They worried about the school-to-prison pipeline.

I have a novel idea about how to break that pipeline. Stay in school. Pay attention. Do your homework. Don't commit crimes. Actually plan to succeed and achieve. Stop playing victim.

Read James Lindsay's book. Then show up at school board meetings and remind the board what's important. Tell them to spend their time on important matters.

The recording of the November 14th school board meeting was 4:38:20. That's over FOUR and a half hours, including the Executive Session at 5:30PM.

"Purpose Driven, Future Ready" - Really?

Just how poorly do many Richland 2 students perform on tests for determining whether they are at grade-level in core subjects, such as reading, writing, and math?

Staff shows up at a board meeting with graphs and charts. Local papers hammer Richland 2 and other districts for a day or two. And then the poor test results are "old news".

Richland 2 proclaims "Purpose Driven, Future Ready" on its homepage. 

But is it?

PragerForce Chapter?

Is there a PragerForce chapter in the Richland 2 School District? If there isn't, there should be.

Who views PragerU videos and/or watches Dennis Prager's Fireside Chats on Thursdays?

A few weeks ago Dennis asked how many people have watched all the Fireside Chats? That was during Episode 313.

I accepted the challenge, created a chart, and began watching from Ep. 1. I'm already up to Ep. 36, plus the current ones.

Watch this promo for PragerForce. It's hilarious.

Thursday, November 2, 2023

13-year-old carjacker killed in D.C.

Watch this video about a 13-year-old, middle school student in Washington, D.C. who was killed when he attempted to carjack an off-duty detective.

The kid's school people drooled all over themselves about what a nice kid he was. But he wasn't such a "nice kid", when you know about all the other carjackings and crimes he allegedly committed as a 12- and 13-year-old.

Remind you of anyone?

Remember when the principal and staff at Summit Parkway Middle School fell all over themselves after their 14-year-old student was shot as he ran from a convenience store? That was May 26, 2023.

What have you read in the news about where Cyrus got the gun he was carrying? Whose gun was it? How long had he had it? Who knew he had it? How long had he been carrying it?

That's all information that the Richland County Sheriff's Department should know by now. They probably knew it within a week. Has anyone been arrested in regard to that gun?

Where was the gun found? Sheriff Lott said it was found "near the body". That would lead people to think that it might have been on the ground near a hand. Or by an out-stretched arm.

Detectives pretty quickly said they were sure the gun had never been pointed at anyone. 

Where was the gun really found? 

Why did Cyrus run from the store? We'll never know. He can't tell us. My guess is that he ran because he knew, if deputies showed up and searched him, they'd find the gun on him. So he ran. 

When he fell and the gun became visible as he got up, Rick Chow's son reportedly called out to his dad, "He's got a gun."

Should every Richland 2 middle- and high-school student have to watch this 13-minute video?

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Will Woke Literature Kill Western Society?

This is a long video, but watching the conversation between James Lindsay and Marissa Streit is worth the time.

Should published studies in journals be believed?

Lindsay, who has a Ph.D. in Mathematics, left education, and spent ten years as a massage therapist, is author of The Marxification of Education: Paulo Freire's Critical Marxism and the Theft of Education, and  Race Marxism: The Truth About Critical Race Theory and Praxis, and co-author of Counter Wokecraft: A Field Manual for Combatting the Woke in the University and Beyond. 

Streit is CEO of PragerU.

Give it 10-15 minutes and I think you'll stick with it.

7-year-old Identifies as a Cat???

This morning I chatted with a neighbor, who asked me about the Richland 2 school board. She told me she was not impressed.

I'm often asked if I think "this" school board is better than the last. My answer is, "Different; not better." 

Why is that? Too few trustees on the school board who think like the executives they are supposed to be.

Then this neighbor mentioned a nearby school district where a 7-year-old student identifies as a cat. And then she told me that there is a litter box in the classroom!

Was she pulling my leg? I didn't think so!

Is there any chance that such a dumb stunt could be happening right here in Richland 2?

Is this where diversity, equity and inclusion are dragging this country?

What teacher would allow that? What Principal? What Administrator? What Superintendent? What school board?

Is this happening in Richland 2?