Wednesday, July 20, 2022

What the R2 Board Could Learn

Did you ever watch a meeting of the Richland County Council? Expect to see a model of organization and efficiency.

Every member of the Richland 2 School Board should watch last night's County Council meeting. The Chair, Councilman Overture Walker (from our District), runs the meeting with precision and control.

Notice how motions are made and seconded. Notice how discussion is handled. Especially notice how the vote on a motion is handled.

Compare the smooth running of the County Council meeting with a Richland 2 school board meeting.

If the Richland 2 School Board hired a professional coach and a parliamentarian, meetings would be 60-90 minutes. Not 2-4 hours!

County Council members don't fill the air with extraneous comments. The Chair doesn't expound on matters. He conducted the meeting as it should be conducted. If he didn't need to comment, he didn't.

Unlike the Richland 2 School Board, where a couple of members can be counted on to say how many years they have been in education or how they are a proud "product" of a certain high school.

Notice how quickly voting is handled. Do you question why it takes so long to tally votes by seven board members electronically? When it's time to vote, voting should be completed in about five seconds. Just press the button. (Hint to some: press the correct button.)

Will business be conducted better, more smoothly, more quickly under the new Chair?