Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Tonight's special called board meeting - a waste

 5:57PM I'm out of there.

What a waste of time! I can't believe that grown people, adults, supposed professionals, school board members would sit there for that drivel. Who dreamed up that program?

If you want to see a little of it, you'll have to wait through nine minutes of silence for it to start. No excuses were offered for the delay. As soon as Supt. Davis opened with "with great pride and joy..." I started to check out.

When Chief Diversity and Multi-Culture Inclusion officer Helen Grant began speaking, she gushed away and was almost giddy about her topic tonight.

By 5:57PM I'd had enough. So glad I did not go in person. When I saw the agenda item, I expected what just they began spouting. 

You'd think the KKK was riding through the streets of Richland County. Well, it's not. 

Five people attended in person tonight. Monica Elkins was there by phone, although the Board Chair made no mention of her telephonic attendance. 

Lindsay Agostini was not there and was not mentioned. 

Since two of the six in attendance are not legitimate board members, there was no quorum (five) and the meeting should not have been held, even though the board vote to consent to the agenda was inconsequential.

An Anti-COVID Strategy

I recommend to your reading a presentation titled "A Sensible and Compassionate Anti-COVID Strategy," given on October 9, 2020 by a Stanford professor. And in it he refers to the Great Barrington Declaration which, as of today, has been signed onto by more than 51,000 medical and public health scientists and medical practitioners and by almost 700,000 concerned citizens.

See the true fatality rate for COVID-19 (it's much lower than you may think);
Read his explanation of "herd immunity";
Read why schools should re-open and why lockdowns hurt more than they help.

Great Barrington Declaration:  www.gbdeclaration.org