Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Why did Holmes Miss 2.22.22 Meeting?

When the school board convened at 5:30PM yesterday, February 22, 2022, it was immediately obvious on the livestream broadcast that Teresa Holmes was not present.

The meeting was called to order by James Manning, and no mention was made of Holmes' absence. 

When trustee-elect McKie made the motion to enter executive session, she said, " ... grievance, and grievance..."  Were there to be two grievances heard? Only one was on the agenda.

When it was time to vote on going into executive session, Holmes' voice came out of nowhere to speak her Yes vote.

Then the board left for executive session.

When it returned and Manning re-convened the open session, he said, "For the record, Dr. Holmes apologizes for not being here in person, but she is here via phone."

What are Best Practices for public board meetings?

First of all, roll call should be taken - at 5:30PM and again when the board re-convenes. Then the public knows who is there, and so do the board members.

When a member is absent but intends to attend telephonically, a motion should be made and the board should vote on it. The reason for the absence should be explained to all.

This board never does that!

So, where was Holmes? Why wasn't her absence explained to the public and to the other members of the board?

There is speculation in the community that her absence was intentional, so that Manning could chair the meeting. Is that what happened?

Was there a big party in Hilton Head Island last week-end? The S.C. School Boards Association held its annual convention Feb. 17-20. How many board members spent taxpayer dollars to attend? Did Teresa extend her stay? 

Holmes gets paid about $400 to attend board meetings. Why wasn't she there in-person?