Thursday, December 17, 2020

"Dr." Jill Biden's degree and Richland 2's Three Ed.D's

In this news article about Jill Biden's degree and how she is called "Dr." Biden, one particular comment stands out.

"pete192" wrote:

"I have this same academic degree, The Doctor of Education (EdD). First, and as a minor correction to a few comments here, the EdD candidate does not do a "dissertation" but rather the shorter and far less strenuous "thesis." Also an EdD is NOT a PhD which is far far more difficult and requires a much higher set of test scores (which i was unable to achieve so settled for EdD). I most wish to point out here that upon graduation my school and my advisors sent me a kind and cordial but firm letter, instructing me that the EdD was an academic credential, and that i must refrain from asking anyone to call me "doctor," or put such a title on any correspondence or use it in any setting whatsoever outside the academy. In other words i [sic] one is employed in a school and teaching then DURING that work you are absolutetly [sic] entited [sic] to Dr. But once you depart the campus any given day, the Dr is not a valid title. Ever. Period. Stop using it "Dr" Jill unless and until you are teaching on a campus."

The Richland 2 school board has three women who are addressed as "Dr." at school board meetings.

I suggest it is time to begin addressing them as "Trustee (last name)" or "Ms. (last name)". 

Thoughts, anyone?

Name-change - Abraham Lincoln H.S., San Francisco

When I read that Abraham Lincoln High School in San Francisco was going to change its name, my first thought was, "Those jerks!" 

Why is it going to do that? Because, they think, Lincoln didn't do enough for blacks.

Oh, really?

Then today I came across this video by Dinesk D'Souza. I think he's right. What do you think? Post your thoughts in Comments below.