Monday, October 4, 2021

Where is Red4Ed?

Remember when teachers walked out for a May 1 rally at the State Capitol?

Richland 2 wasn't going to close. For 2-3 weeks, "schools will be open". Then the board and the superintendent caved. How many of the then-Board members spoke in favor of the walk-out. (They forgot they were "Management" Or maybe they never knew.) On just the day before May 1, the District announced schools would be closed.

Did all the teachers get paid for that day?

I certainly never heard about any of them whining about not getting paid.

Maybe ALL the teachers should walk out on behalf of those who must quarantine.

For a teacher who must quarantine, it's not like he went skinny-dipping in Lake Michigan on January 1 and got pneumonia.

Teachers don't have a choice about being at the front of the classroom, when kids show up and sneeze or cough. Then Little Johnny (no offense, Johnny) comes up with a positive COVID-19 test, and suddenly Rules apply.

Maybe it's just a little misunderstanding that some teachers are being told they will not get paid during quarantine. 

Or maybe it's not.

If a teacher must quarantine, will he be paid?

I don't recall ever hearing the question of pay-during-quarantine come up at a board meeting. What is your understanding?

If a teacher unsuspectingly becomes a "close contact" of a person who has a positive COVID test, that teacher must quarantine; right? Is that in the Richland 2 rules? Policies? Guidelines? 

So, if that teacher must quarantine, even if symptom-free and with a negative COVID test, why wouldn't that teacher be paid?

Can the teacher just call the bank, utility companies, etc., and tell them, "Richland 2 isn't paying me, so I can't pay you. Too bad"?

If a teacher is symptom-free and possesses a negative COVID test, why shouldn't that teacher go to work and get paid?

It is the employer (the school district) who is controlling whether the teacher works. 

Why should a salaried teacher take in on the chin for a District rule?

Coments below, please.

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