Saturday, June 27, 2020

Agenda for June 30, 2020 Published

The agenda for the June 30th Board meeting was published this morning. The meeting starts at 4:30PM, with an immediate adjournment into Executive Session. The open meeting will reconvene at 5:00PM. The meeting will be held via Livestream (Zoom). Find the link on the District's homepage, where it is now posted. Or just click here:

To examine the agenda, go to the District's website. Then
Click on EXPLORE (top right), then
Click on School Board; then
Click on AGENDA; then
Notice the Guidelines for Public Participation in Board Meetings *; then
Click on Regular Board Meeting; then
Click on View the Agenda

On the agenda for the Executive Session is the superintendent's evaluation. I imagine most of the board members will have their rubber stamps handy, because the agenda allows only 30 minutes for the Executive Session to evaluate the superintendent and conduct other Executive Session business.

Of course, they cannot approve the evaluation in the Executive Session. They will do that as part of Item 6.1. There should be a discussion of his performance. This is the place where they will reveal how big of a salary increase they will award to the superintendent this year. Last year's increase was a whopper.

* The "Guidelines for Public Participation in Board Meetings" are out-of-date, plus Board Policy BEDH was rescinded. The public is no longer allowed to participation in board meetings; not even remotely. It could, but the Board has shut out the public. And it gets away with it, because it never publicly announced what it had done.

I'll venture a guess that the public doesn't even know it can no longer address the board at meetings or suggest items to be added to the agenda.

The District has never altered or notated Board Policy BEDH to inform the public that it was suspended; i.e., suspended indefinitely, which might just be the same as permanently.

Open Letter to School Board

The following letter is being emailed on June 27, 2020 to the Richland 2 School Board, superintendent, and diversity chief.

To the Board and Trustees-elect McKie and Holmes,

Dr. Helen Grant's June 8, 2020 Open Letter, published on the District's website, refers to an anti-racism policy. She wrote, "We will move forward with drafting an anti-racism policy to make plain our commitment against racist actions, practices and procedures."

Has the Board approved development of an anti-racism policy?

If so, please direct me to the Board Meeting where this was on the agenda, was discussed and was voted on. What involvement will the parents and community members in District 2 have in development of this policy?

Dr. Grant also refers to "our Equity Policy." A search on the District website for "Equity Policy" produces no results. Please send me a copy of District Two's Equity Policy.

I wish to receive a reply to this message.