Monday, April 25, 2022

15 y/o with gun at Blythewood H.S.

Let's hear once again from Richland 2 how well the BeSMART program is working.

Richland County Sheriff's Department took a 15-year-old boy into custody today for having a gun at school. No word yet on what kind of gun or whether it was loaded. 

And definitely no word on the 15-year-old's name. He will enjoy the privilege of privacy from The State and the local TV stations. 

If I can get the name, you'll read it here.

At least The State newspaper got the personal pronoun right (presumably). 

Remember the big hoop-de-lah last December when there was the big name-signing ceremony at R2i2?

Has anyone heard even a peep out of Richland 2 or BeSMART about all their wonderful efforts to lower gun violence in area schools?

How many Richland 2 students have been involved in gun-related incidents since December 5, 2021?

At the time, it looked to me like All Talk and No Walk. 

Has any teacher or administrator heard what Be SMART is doing?

[Edited 4/25/22 10:40PM]

Here's the print version of the telephone message that was sent out by Principal Matt Sherman:

"Hello Blythewood High Parents. This is Principal Matt Sherman.

"I am calling to let you know that this afternoon a weapon was confiscated from a student while the student was in class. This is alarming to hear so let me assure you that the situation was addressed swiftly, our employees and students are safe, and we have been able to continue with our school day without interruption.

"The teacher saw the weapon and immediately called for assistance from the School Resource Officers and school administrators. The weapon was turned over to a School Resource Officer as soon as the SRO entered the classroom without incident.

"So far in the investigation, we do not have any evidence to indicate that the student threatened to harm anyone at school.

"School administrators and our SROs followed district procedures and board policy in administering disciplinary and legal consequences. Students should never bring weapons onto school grounds and they face serious consequences when they do. In accordance with state and federal law, Richland Two Board Policy JICI states that a student who brings a weapon to school faces expulsion of no less than one year.

"Our leadership team is extremely proud of our teacher who responded quickly and of the students in the class who remained calm while the situation was addressed. Parents, I do ask for your help in stressing to our students the importance of “See Something. Say Something.” Ensuring the safety of our campus for all students and teachers requires all of us to work together to keep weapons off our campus and to alert administrators and SROs immediately whenever someone sees something that may cause harm to others.

"If you have any questions or concerns about school safety, please contact a school administrator."