Thursday, February 3, 2022

Mail Delivery 2/3/2022 - Nothing from Richland 2

Did Richland 2 decide it had made a big mistake by issuing me a verbal Trespass Warning at the board meeting on January 25, 2022?

Is that why it hasn't followed up with a written Trespass Notice?

Did Marq Claxton actually just issue a verbal warning last Thursday and order me off the property for that one night only?

The District had time to put out a couple of media releases, and Teresa Holmes and James Manning had time to jump on their soapboxes in front of R2i2 on Friday. I'm so glad they did that. Their words were aired on WIS-TV and are recorded for replay and future use. 

I emailed the superintendent that night (Jan. 25)  at 11:44PM. In that email, I wrote, in part,

"Claxton made a huge error by not asking me what happened. He apparently took your wife's word (only) about what happened. 

"I urge you to direct Claxton NOT to issue a Trespass Notice without a complete investigation, Including talking with me and telling me exactly what Mrs. Davis said."

Apparently, the superintendent accepted my suggestion and has told Claxton to delay sending me any written Notice. Claxton has not contacted me.

Claxton is a former NYPD officer. He ought to know general law-enforcement policy. Before you make a decision, you interview the people involved; especially in a petty situation like a school board hearing.

Of course, what happened after Pamela Davis yelled at me is not so petty. According to media reports she uttered profanities at a 14-year-old high school student who was there to address the school board that evening.

That should have resulted in her expulsion from the meeting, a Trespass Notice to her, and an investigation by Richland Two officials. The superintendent would have to recuse himself as her husband and as a participant that evening.

Boardroom lay-out

Come to the February 8th board meeting in person.

Attending in-person means the board has to see you.

Look carefully at the lay-out of the board room. Notice how much of the room is taken up with the "social-distancing" of the board desks from the corner behind the superintendent toward the audience.

Then count the desks and floor area taken up by staff. Ask yourself: "Why is the staff placed between the board and the audience?"

Then there is the social-distancing for the audience. Do you feel like you are out in the Back Forty?

If staff were placed elsewhere (for example, in an adjacent room with video or not even there!), more members of the public could be accommodated. Would 60-100 community members and parents attend?

Why does the superintendent get the King's position in the corner? The entire board should face the audience. 

Trustee Scott called attention to the superintendent's place of honor. That's where the board chair should be - in the corner, on the angle where she can easily see (and hear) every trustee, so that she can call on them promptly (and then stop talking while they talk).

Got an opinion on this? Send an email to the full board, asking them to change their own seating and to remove the staff from its position as a barrier to the board. Before or after you send that email, post a comment below.

Incompetence? Intention? Insult?

Which is it?

Richland 2 school district has still failed to provide anything in writing to me about Marq Claxton's verbal trespass warning on Tuesday, January 25.

Even a student who is disciplined in Richland 2 and gets kicked out of school gets something in writing, explaining his rights. You know, something like "You have the right to appeal this suspension from school."

Of course, a lot of difference it makes to the suspended student, who is kicked out of school for 5-10 days and then gets an appeal hearing, after he has unwillingly endured his suspension. And if the appeal is successful and the suspension is reversed? 

Too bad! He already missed the 5-10 days of school and suffered the embarrassment and humiliation of the suspension.

Is the rule at Richland 2 "Guilty Until Proven Innocent"?

What is the real reason that Richland 2 has not promptly delivered any written Trespass Notice?

Is it part of a nefarious plan of retaliation and retribution for speaking out about what is so wrong with how board meetings are being conducted?

Is it part of a design, hoping that I'll feel intimidated, afraid, targeted? 

Sorry, Richland 2. It's not working.