Saturday, May 29, 2021

Anti-CRT Fight in Virginia

Do you support Critical Race Theory (CRT)? Do you know what it really is?

Do you oppose CRT? Are you worried that your children will be targeted in the classroom and graded down, if their teachers and administrators learn that you oppose CRT? Are teachers worried about job security, if they don't support CRT?

With students returning to the classroom, how will you know to what extent they may be improperly influenced toward CRT?

Read this article and learn what's going on in Virginia.

Show up at school board meetings and ask for specific information about CRT. And ask about all the other programs akin to CRT. You know, those "diversity" and "inclusion" programs. The ones that tell teachers what to think and what to say. The programs that want a face in front of the students that looks like the faces of the students. Meaning, black.

Ask about the superintendent's "100 Premier men of color" program, on which he is not evaluated because it's not even in his job description. Ask why it is a District program, if the District (school board) did not approve it. Ask how much money (public dollars) is being spent on it, and why! How did it creep into Richland 2 School District?