Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Why isn't school district addressing possible teacher walk-out?

SC for Ed will descend on the legislators on March 24. That's only two weeks from now.

I watched for publication of the agenda for the March 10th school board meeting, expecting to see an item for Executive Session and an item in the Regular Session to discuss the very real possibility of a teacher walk-out on March 24. As of 5:30PM yesterday, the published agenda had not been revised to show such items.

And my open letter to the board? Nary a response.

Remember last May 1, when so many Richland 2 teachers requested "personal days" that Richland 2 School District caved in at the last moment and closed all schools for the day? The District never announced what the cost was to the District or the estimated cost to part-time employees and parents.

This created havoc for parents and employers, when moms and dads had to take a day off from work, virtually without notice to their employers, so that they could be responsible parents to their children who would be out of school.

What will happen this year?

Will Richland 2 teachers say "Thanks for the $1,000 bonus. We will be at work on March 24 and will not be walking around the Capitol Grounds in our red t-shirts"?

Raise your hands. Do you think that will happen? Get in line. (It'll be the short line to the right.)

Who, me? Cynical?