Thursday, February 13, 2020

Caution-Parker - faux outrage

Trustee Cheryl Caution-Parker became emotional and angry at the end of the February 11, 2020 board meeting. You can see and hear it, beginning at 1:57:16 on the YouTube video-recording of the meeting.

After thanking everyone, she said, "And I just want to make a point here. This really has affected me. It is bothering me after almost 40 years in this district, a superintendent is being questioned, or challenged, about going out of state - going to a conference, a national conference, and representing our district. I find it reprehensible, and I really am questioning the real - the REAL reason behind all of this. Thank you."

Explain to me why a concerned citizen should not be able to ask questions and why even board members should not be able to ask questions about a superintendent.

Caution-Parker is now one year into her current four-year term. She does not demonstrate the critical thinking skills of a Manager or Executive needed to function professionally as a school board trustee.

The superintendent' could have answered Trustee Agostini's question about who is paying for his trip in 15 words. "The League of Innovative Schools is paying my expenses and there is no speaking fee." Why did he ramble on and on?

When she had a student who gave her a long-winded, circuitous answer to a very straight-forward, basic question, didn't she ever want to know the real - the REAL - reason behind it?