Friday, October 18, 2019

Another R2 student arrested!

Yet another Richland 2 high school student has been arrested. Are these threats (and commission) of crimes contagious? Who else is concerned about these reports?

This time it was a Westwood High School student. If you don't know where Westwood High School is, look it up on the District's website.

The student allegedly posted an online threat on Wednesday and, on Thursday, a school employee spotted it.

The student was identified only as 17 years old. Possibly male, since The State reporter mentioned "he" (the student) threatened to kill someone.

I say "possibly" male, because today's trend in reporting tends toward gender-neutral descriptions unless gender to known and available. Today's generation of reporters may not know, or may have forgotten, that "he" could mean he or she when not wishing to disclose gender. Too often we read in the printed media "they" being used to describe a single (one) person when wanting to avoid he or she.

OK, so out of 27,000 students there are going to be a few bad apples; right?

I'm curious what is being done in Richland 2 schools (high schools, middle schools and elementary schools) to create good citizens with critical thinking skills who wish to avoid committing crimes and finding themselves in jail with futures destroyed by dumb actions.

What race was the 17-year-old boy? Is there a hint in the news article, where the student's Instagram post reportedly included "better watch y'all back"?

Send the kid back to English class. Teach him the possessive case of "y'all". Shouldn't he have written "better watch y'all's back"? Or correct grammatically, "better watch your back".

OK, I'm assuming the kid was black. Maybe he is one of the young African-American males about whom Board Trustee Elkins-Johnson is so worried (Watch the 10/15/19 YouTube school board recording at 1:08:20 on the timer), when she made her comments at the board meeting on Tuesday night during the discussion about the two (white) employees who have been carrying concealed firearms as they go about the District administrative tasks. You know the ones; the ones who might appear aggressive or loud-spoken. (Are they really just boys who need to be understood culturally.)