Sunday, March 31, 2019

Extent of bullying?

With state-wide and even national focus on Walterboro, South Carolina and the death of 10-year-old Raniya Wright, a fifth-grader, after a reported fight at school, one must ask what the extent of bullying is in the Richland 2 School District.

Students are supposed to be safe at school. Right?

When a student in Richland 2 reports bullying to a teacher, staff member, Principal or parent, what happens?

Parents are invited to submit their stories to this blog. If you are willing to use your name and name the school and personnel involved, all the better.

If you worry about retaliation, email your story to with your phone number. Confidentiality is assured.

Will I keep your identity safe?

When I wrote a blog in Illinois, numerous sheriff's deputies and policy officers fed me the dirt from their departments. The sheriff's attorney try to force me, under subpoena in a deputy's Federal wrongful-termination lawsuit, to reveal their names. I refused and filed a Motion pro se to quash the subpoena. The Federal judge ate up the sheriff's attorney, telling her that she was just on a "fishing expedition" (his words). I still remember the judge's words from back in 2010, "Mr. Philpott, you have won your Motion."