Thursday, April 27, 2023

RVHS Information to Teachers, staff, all

What information has been given to Ridge View High School teachers, staff, students, other employees, parents, and community members about the criminal act (stabbing) that occurred on Tuesday at RVHS?

Anything? Nothing?

Does the astonishing silence mean they will just sweep it under the rug? 

Will the District and the School try to hide behind privacy? Confidentiality? 

Do those in-charge just hope the furor will die (ok, poor choice of wording) down?

What is the discussion on campus and in the District? What is the discussion at other schools? Westwood? Richland Northeast? Spring Valley? Blythewood High? 

Which is the worst school, according to crime statistics? What kinds of crimes are happening at the different Richland Two schools? 

Where will the next violent crime occur?

Do any of the school have a list of "likely suspects" for the next crimes?

Maybe Richland Two schools should invite Curtis Sliwa to come to Columbia and explain how the Guardian Angels keep people safe.

Accused Stabber not in court or jail records

As of this morning, accused RVHS stabber, Tony Abrams' name cannot be found in the Richland County 5th Judicial Circuit Public Index or in the online inmate search for the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center

WIS-TV has reported that 17-year-old Abrams will be charged as an adult with Attempted Murder.

Is his name just not in the Public Index "yet"?

Why aren't his name and photo in the Jail record? Is he still in jail or did he bond out?

Media reporting is really shoddy. No mention of a bond hearing for him. No update today. No update on the two injured students.

And nothing on the Richland 2 website.

In a few days we'll wonder, "Did it really happen?"