Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Critical Race Theory - Eric Rovelli Weighs In

Eric Rovelli is a candidate for the Richland 2 School Board. 

Why should you consider him?

Isn't he the one candidate who is talking about specifics? Go to his website at and watch his several videos.

This morning I watched his 21-minute video on Critical Race Theory. He acknowledges that it's a little long. How long is your attention span? This video includes three five-minute videos by other speakers.

Is CRT here in Richland 2? Remember the school board meeting when the chief of diversity, equity and inclusion couldn't tell the board what CRT is? That was at a meeting where her charge was to explain to the board what the difference was between CRT and Culturally Relevant Teaching (or Pedagogy), the brainchild of a USC professor. She couldn't define CRT.

Of course, CRT is here. No, it's not being "taught". Defenders are quick to say it's a graduate school-level course. But it is being applied here.

Rovelli meets the hard questions head on. Elect Eric to the board in November and there will be a board member who can and will tell the truth, clearly and directly. 

The board has an opportunity to do what it is supposed to do. Be Trustees. Be Directors. Be executives. Direct the business of education in Richland 2 schools.

That has not been the case for the past four years, when the board (majority (The Core Four)) let the superintendent run the whole show. When did the The Core Four ever criticize the superintendent? Certainly not after the Jan. 25th 2022 fiasco. Certainly not after the superintendent let trustees (and trustees-elect) over-spend their $7,000 annual travel allowances. Certainly not when his planned trip to Australia hit the news.

Eric Rovelli is desperately needed on the board. Cast one of your votes FOR Eric Rovelli.