Thursday, September 28, 2023

Richland 2 pays out $285,000 to settle

Yesterday's The State newspaper reports that Richland 2 School District has agreed to pay out $285,000 to settle a sexual assault lawsuit from a January 2020 locker-room assault.

The current article does not name the victim or the punks who assaulted him. Four were arrested by RCSD. An earlier article reported that the four boys were 14- and 15-years-old.

Since they were juvies, their names were withheld, and we'll never know if they skated on the charges. 

The actions of those punks sort of makes you want to vomit, don't they? 

Was there really a "history of hazing and violent abuse" in the RVHS boys' athletic programs, as the lawsuit claimed?

Was it cheaper for Richland 2 to settle than risk a court decision? Shouldn't the four kids be the ones to pay and not the taxpayers?

Lawsuits typically allege everything except rust in the kitchen sink, hoping that some of the allegations might stick.