Thursday, February 10, 2022

Craig Khanwell - District resident?

Craig Khanwell

Tuesday night's fiery speaker during Public Participation, Craig Khanwell, has a tiny footprint on the internet. 

Does he reside in or have a business in Richland 2 School District? Was he eligible to speak on Tuesday night, February 8, 2022? 

Khanwell, according to his Facebook profile, is very likely aligned with Louis Farrakhan. That may explain his racially-based remarks and his warning to whites in the audience. Louis Farrakhan is the one who called for 10,000 "fearless men". Remember why Farrakhan wanted those 10,000?

Is Khanwell still living those days? Sure sounded like it on Tuesday night. 

 Why did Holmes let him rip away for three minutes like that? Can you imagine how quickly she would have gaveled any white man into silence and submission, if he had launched into such a threatening, racial-based speech? What if I stood at the microphone and screamed about White Power and White Supremacy or denigrated Black Power or Black Lives Matter (more than White Lives) or Antifa rules! What if I made threats against the blacks in the audience? 

I would have been face down on the boardroom floor. 

Why did Holmes allow that "show"? Why didn't Holmes tell Khanwell to calm down? She never made a peep. Nor did Supt Davis! Nor did any of The Core Four? It wouldn't have done any good for The Other Three to complain. The Core Four would have outvoted them 3-4, as they did the rest of the night. 

Does Khanwell even live in Richland School District Two? His LinkedIn bio mentions a Lexington-based business. He has obviously scrubbed his internet presence. How can an activist, especially such a loud one, not have hundreds of results when his name is searched on Google?

Who knows more about him?