Tuesday, May 21, 2019

May Day - at what cost?

From the Richland 2 School District website:

"During the May 14, 2019 board meeting, the Richland Two Board of Trustees voted to forgive the day of school missed on May 1."

How much did May Day cost Richland 2 School District? No one asked that question at the May 14 school board meeting?

Has the school board directed the superintendent to create a contingency plan for the next time the teachers say they are going to strike?

The school board needs to be reminded that it is Management. The teachers are Labor.

Next time the teachers decide to protest, the superintendent and the school board must be ready. They should have been ready the last time.

Unfortunately, the majority on the school board is sympathetic to the whims of the teachers. Many of the board members vocalized support for the teachers and even said they would be attending the protest.

For this reason, voters should be prepared at the next election (November 2020) to replace those board members who stood in favor of the disruption of schools. Thank them, and show them the door.

At the next election bring in board members who have experience at running a business and understand that it is the Board that directs the superintendent. Direct the superintendent to be prepared to grant a small number of requests for personal leave, so that the business of providing education will not be impaired.