Monday, November 8, 2021


Last Friday, November 5, the South Carolina School Boards Association (SCSBA) voted to withdraw from the National School Boards Association (NSBA) and to request a refund of its 2021-2022 membership dues.

I suspect many school boards in the State went down the throat of the SCSBA over the NSBA's letter to the White House. That furor led to protesting parents' being labeled as domestic terrorists, and parents won't stand for that.

Richland 2 didn't exactly jump on the band wagon. At the last board meeting somebody suggested a Resolution be prepared for presentation to the SCSBA, and the Richland 2 board expected it at the next board meeting on November 16. Other districts got busy and got the job done, while Richland 2 was trying to figure out how to circle the wagons.

Good thing a building wasn't on fire. 

Will Administration keep going with the preparation of the Resolution?

What are Baron Davis' Side-hustles?

People around here know Baron Davis as the superintendent of the Richland 2 School District. For that he was paid $233,882.97 in 2020, plus  an $18,000 car allowance.

You'd think that being superintendent of a large school district (28,000 students and 3,000+ employees) would be a full-time job; right? Apparently not.

The University of South Carolina paid him $14,000 in 2020. He has put a tagline on his email signature that he is Superintendent-in-Residence. What does he do for $14,000? A lot of people would have to work over a month for that amount of pay.

The University of the Cumberlands is another of his employers. He draws a salary from that school, which is located in Williamsburg, Kentucky. That's about 342 miles from Columbia. When does he have time to teach there? Or does he teach online courses there? At what times-of-day are those courses conducted?

One of his students reported on "Written assignments are very self-reflective. Turned in three before I received any type of grade on the first one that was submitted. Feedback on all assignments seemed to be a cookie cutter statement that may or may not have had anything to do with my particular performance on that particular assignment."

Another student "graded" him with "Dr. Davis was informative and a very intelligent man but he was horrible at getting assignments graded."

And then there is The NeoGenesis Group. That's Davis' own business, established in 2018, of which he is the President and CEO. Its website is

There seems to be some confusion, even on his own website, as to whether it's the NeoGenesis Group or the Noe Genesis Group.

On his Statement of Economic Interests Report to the South Carolina Ethics Commission, Davis reported the name as "The Noe Genesis Group".

In bold, capitalized letters on his website, it's "THE NEOGENESIS GROUP".

In tiny print at the top left of the homepage of his website, it's "THE NOEGENESIS GROUP".

In the "ABOUT NOEGENESIS" section of the website, one can read what the business is about:

"Founded and established in 2018, The Noegenesis Group is a solutions-focused and outcomes-driven Think Tank who's [sic] philosophical orientation of support is rooted in the belief that we are at all times working toward self-actualization and continuous improvement."

Maybe someone in the tank should think a little more about whether it's who's or whose? While they are tinkering with spelling, they might also review "ESTB 2018".

In view of three side-hustles, the logical question might be, "Is Richland 2 getting his full-time services for $233,000/year? Or did the majority on the board (Holmes, McKie, Caution-Parker, Manning) decide they could do with less than his full time for the $233,000?

Davis reported his income from The Noe Genesis Group on his 2021 Statement of Economic Interests Report to the Ethics Commission as Salary. That would lead one to think that The Noe Genesis Group is one form of corporation or another. Income from sole proprietor ships and partnerships is not "salary". But the S.C. Secretary of State has no business registration for either The Neo Genesis Group or The Noe Genesis Group. Interesting ...