Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Will board meetings return to 90 minutes (max.)?

Remember when school board meetings ran about 90 minutes? What happened over the past three years? (You and I know.) Chaos. Disrespect. Shaming. Out-of-control.

Will James Manning, as the board chair for this school year, restore order and control over meetings?


Establish a 90-minute time-frame for meetings before entering the planning session with the superintendent on the Thursday before a Tuesday board meeting.

Shorten the Inspiration Moment to three minutes (max.), including the introduction. Select a different board member to introduce the Moment. Amelia McKie must have thought she was at the Academy Awards or Toastmaster Championships. 

Move right into the Pledge. And, no, it's not "Join me in reciting the Pledge." It's "Join me in the Pledge of Allegiance." Let the Chair thank the speaker. It's not necessary to spend another 1-3 minutes thanking the speaker.

Cancel student performances as the Inspiration Moment. If the Board decides to have Student Performance, instead of Inspirational Moment, change the Agenda.

Eliminate the lag between speakers during Public Participation by asking following speakers to queue up.

Crack down on unnecessary board member comments that are redundant and off-topic.

Eliminate the long delays in board voting. What is the world takes so long to tally and announce electronic votes?

Know Robert's Rules of Order and follow them without shaming board members.

When the agenda is created, set a time-limit for the dog-and-pony shows put on by the staff (at the superintendent's direction). Presenters don't need to read slides to board members (and the audience).

Board members should study the packets that are distributed to them before meeting and be prepared to ask succinct questions.

If a board member wants something, make a motion (or a secondary motion). Saying, "I would like ..." is a waste of time. Recall how many times Teresa Holmes just blew on past what a minority member said, instead of asking, "Do you want to make a motion?"

Conduct the board meeting in a fast-paced, concise manner without "rushing". Work against "Time Remaining". Put up a big clock, similar to that used in football and basketball games.

Eliminate individual thanks by board members for staff presentations. That just wastes time. The chair can thank for all. Cut out the "I've been an educator for 35 (or 40) years" remarks.

Let four-hour board meetings be a relic of the past.

Like any of these suggestions? Have some of your own? Put them in the Comments section below.

Dennis & Julie Podcast

I'm a fan of Dennis Prager and PragerU. Dennis is a smart man.

Recently I learned of the Dennis & Julie Podcast, featuring (who else?) Dennis Prager and Julie Hartman.

This is a must-watch. I'd like to give you an image on which you could just click, but this video must be one that YouTube has partially censured. It doesn't show up in the YouTube search window for the Blogger platform.

However, you can watch the video by clicking on this link:

Dennis introduced Julie as his first co-host. They discuss the Russian invasion of Ukraine and other topics.