Monday, December 4, 2023

Do you know Richland Two's TransGender Policy?

Read this shocking article about an 11-year-old, fifth-grade, Colorado girl being set up to sleep with a boy on a long-distance field trip. The title of the article is "School Assigned Girl to Sleep with Boy Who Identifies as Trans Without Parental Consent".

Fortunately the girl's mother was on the field trip.

Are you a parent of a Richland Two student? Are you clear on exactly what the Trans policy is at Richland Two? Are you having any trouble finding out exactly what the policy is and how it is applied?

Should the School Board get a report at a public school board meeting from the Superintendent on what the field-trip policy is? How about bathroom use? How about showers after gym? How about boys participating in girls' sports? And on teams?

This is all in national news. Where is the local news?